Hospital Wish List for Our Baby
Full Term Pregnancy
as written by Anna H.

This is our second child, and we would like to have a natural childbirth experience with as little medical intervention as possible.† The birth of our first (6/15/98) was completely natural (Bradley Method Childbirth) with little medical intervention and an excellent childbirth experience at Jewish Hospital.† The following are our decisions for our childbirth experience.† With the assistance of the midwife and LDR staff we will alter the birth plan as the need arises.

This baby has been diagnosed with Potterís Sequence (no functioning kidneys) during the routing 20 week ultrasound.† We have decided to carry the baby as long as nature requires up to the due date.† We know that the baby will survive, at most only a few hours after birth.† We do not want the baby to be intubated or any heroic measures taken.† Infant to be placed on Mother as soon as possible after birth, with Apgars taken while infant is held by the parents as possible.† We know we will have very little time (if any) with the baby while it is alive and want to hold the baby for as much of that time as possible.

LABOR ATMOSPHERE:† Father is to be present throughout the labor and delivery (no other family present).† Should there be an emergency, Father should be allowed to stay with the Mother or accompany the infant as desired.† We may have a protable CD player for low volume soothing music.† Mother to be mobile.

BIRTH PROCESS:† No catheterization and frequent voiding during first stage.† Mather has her choice of positions including squatting, semi-squatting with pillows, standing, hands and knees, and not including stirrups or laying flat on back.† Mother follows her own urges to push.† Mother allowed to touch head as it crowns or to see with a mirror.

ENEMA:† No routine enema.† Mother will request if necessary.

IV:† No IV unless necessary.† Will use saline lock if advised by midwife.

FOOD & DRINK:† Will drink water or fruit juice as needed/desired to maintain hydration and energy.

PAINKILLERS/EPIDURAL:† No epidural, no painkillers† A drug-free delivery is desired.

PITOCIN:† Prefer not to augment labor unless medically necessary.† If delivery is slow, we will try natural methods of induction such as walking and nipple stimulation.† If delivery is late, will decide with midwife if chemical induction (pitocin or prostaglandins) is best method.† Amniotic sack not to be broken artificially (unless into transition/second stage and it hasnít broken yet).

FETAL MONITORING:† No internal fetal monitoring.† Prefer intermittent monitoring so mother can stay mobile.

EPISIOTOMY:† No episiotomy.† Mother will work with the desire to push, feel babyís head crowning, use alternate positions and a warm compress as needed to minimize tearing.†† A small amount of tearing is preferable to an episiotomy.†† If an episiotomy absolutely must be done, do a pressure episiotomy to avoid drugs before and during delivery.† A small amount of a local anesthetic can be administered to sew up a tear or episiotomy after the birth.

AFTERBIRTH:† Suction baby as necessary to give baby best chance at life without invasive procedures.† NO HEROIC MEASURES to be taken on baby.†† Infant to be placed on Mother.† All non-essential routines postponed until Mother and† Father greet infant.† Allow infant to nurse if it desires.† Allow generous amount of time for delivery of the placenta.† No pitocin drip or injection for delivery of the placenta or to contract the uterus after delivery, unless medically necessary.

INFANT:† Delay non-essential routines until after a time for bonding and baby to nurse (if it can).† We want to hold the baby until it dies.† Parents to give baby its first bath.

MOMENTOS DESIRED:† We want to take pictures of the baby.† We want the footprints and fingerprints, and an extra set on cloth.

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