We all know that a birth plan is meant to be a happy time when we await the arrival of our new baby and want everything to be perfect.  Being diagnosed with a Potter's Syndrome Baby means that we are not only planning our babies birth but our babies loss.  All those happy dreams become shattered and we spend days or weeks, maybe even months until our baby is born and wondering how we will cope with the loss.  We worry about how to deal with questions from other people, we worry about how we will manage to get through our labour and delivery and then cope with our loss.  We know that the time we may have with our baby may be very limited and we try so hard to cram a lifetime of memories into one short moment of time.

If you've recently been diagnosed with a Potter's Syndrome baby, you may be faced with many decisions you've never considered before. You may find yourself planning a funeral before your baby has died.  Such painful and difficult decisions!  Unfortunately there are no clear cut decisions that can be made for you at this time,  but we do have suggestions from other Potter's Syndrome parents who have gone through the same emotions and decisions.. Hopefully, we can help you plan your baby's last few days and hours with love and dignity and with some feeling that you have had some control over your babies last moments.

Listed below are two links to two seperate birth plans that were written by Potter's Syndrome mothers who have lost their babies.  (Last names were removed for privacy reasons)

 Anna's Birth Plan Wishes - Full Term Pregnancy

 Carol's Birth Plan Wishes - Full Term Pregnancy

Laura's Birth Plan Wishes - Full Term Pregnancy

Laura's Birth Plan Wish - Induced Pregnancy


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