Hospital Wish List for Our Baby
Induced Pregnancy
as written by Laura W.

At the suggestion of another member on the Potterís Syndrome forum, I am writing a birth plan for the induced delivery of a baby.† We had no idea what to expect when we delivered our son at 20 weeks gestation, and didnít plan for our limited time with him. I hope that this plan can serve as a starting point for other families facing this sad occasion.

First off, parents should be aware that there are three options for their baby.

1. Carry to term and let nature decide when delivery is to occur
2. Induce labor - allows you to see and hold your baby, take photos, etc. - but
requires you go through labor
3. Termination - mother can be medicated during this medical procedure.† Induction and Termination are governed by state laws which vary and all three options may not be available to you. All† three options have their pros and cons and only your family can decide which is right for you.

Our family chose induction and this plan is based on our experiences, things
we did, and things we wish we had done.

Alert family/others that doctor will attempt to start contractions (in our case through inserts to start dilation). Ask family to be prepared to join us with little notice if labor progresses quickly and we go to the hospital during the night.

We would like to deliver in a hospital as opposed to an abortion clinic according to our state laws.

We would like to deliver in a private room away from parents who are delivering healthy babies. We understand that this may prohibit the use of an epidural.

We would like to be attended by nurses who understand our situation and are respectful of our decision to induce early.

We request that family and our 3 year old son be directed to a waiting room separate from the waiting room for families of healthy babies and that they be permitted to join us when we feel it is appropriate.

We would like access to a phone so that we can keep family and friends that arenít with us updated throughout the day.

We request that our pastor visit with us during the day. We would like him to baptize the baby at delivery if the baby is born alive and if the pastor is nearby. Otherwise, the father will baptize the baby.

The mother requests that pitocin not be used unless there is danger to her health because the labor is not progressing.

After the birth, we would like to hold our baby immediately and request that any measurements, footprints, etc. be delayed until later.

We would like to see our baby naked, even if he is deformed.

We would like to wash our baby and dress him.

We would like to have time alone with our baby and our family.

We would like to take pictures, footprints, measurements, hand molds, etc.
Any assistance you can provide will be appreciated.

We are requesting a limited autopsy to check for the following: absence of kidneys, absence of bladder, genetic testing, and blood type.

As motherís blood type is negative, mother will require appropriate shot after birth of baby.

We request to take any mementoes of our baby home with us when we are ready to leave: blanket, hat, measurements, measuring tape, etc.

We request a birth certificate for our baby if he is born alive - in turn, we also request a copy of any resulting death certificate.

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